posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Really technical stuff tonight, then! A really packed house too - all come to learn more about High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR to us!). We were in the very capable hands of Roger Crocombe LRPS - and who better 'cos he's a bit of an expert at it!

However, Roger clearly isn't one of those experts we sometimes see who flood our poor old brains (speaking from a personal perspective) with deep technical information - no, he started from the absolute basics (thank heaven!) with a PowerPoint presentation (with hand-outs) explaining exactly what HDR is. He then explained simply how to set the camera up to take the range of exposures necessary to produce the final image. We were introduced to the various programs which are needed to produce HDR images - Photoshop CS5, Photomatix and FDR Tools - with a comparison of the pros and cons of each.

Finally - after a well-deserved tea break, Roger took us through the actual process with some ready-prepared jpegs (although he pointed out it's best to start with the range of RAW images).

HDR is trying to reproduce the range of light values that our eyes see and our brains process. The aim is (hopefully) to produce realistic images, although as we know from pics in our photo mags it's all to easy to produce something totally unnatural! Roger certainly put us on the right path but, of course, it's up to the individual photographer in the end! Altogether an excellent evening - given a high rating at The Swan later on! Thanks, Roger for sharing your expertise with us!


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