Transylvania - A Land of the History Books

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Our own member Bill Scott entertained us with his photographs and talk on Transylvania. Normally when we have a talk about a foreign county, there are several club members who have visited it, however exotic it may be. This one was new to all of us; the only thing the vast majority of people associate Transylvania with is, of course, Dracula and his castle. We did see some photos of Bran Castle, which, in fact, has nothing to do with the character on which Dracula was based, i.e. Vlad Dracul, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler (a far nastier character than the fictitious Dracula).

Bill showed a variety of images, ranging from villages in the Saxon, Gypsy or Rumanian style to exteriors and interiors of churches to landscapes to portraits of the local people. It was interesting to see that the most basic of gypsy huts all had satellite dishes attached! The country is very quickly and rather sadly losing its old-fashioned ways, such as horses and carts outnumbering cars.

We ended with pictures of the cows who find their own way home at the end of the day, including the lovely tale of the one which got lost because its home gate had been repainted during the day!

Thanks very much, Bill, for a fascinating talk and further proof our members can do as well as the paid visiting speakers!


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