Walking Between Water- Frank Loveder

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This was another evening with one of our members giving a talk. At last the reason for the strange title became clear, as the talk was about two walks from one sea or ocean to another.

Firstly Frank talked about his recent coast-to-coast walk from the North Sea at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire to the Irish Sea at St. Bees in Cumbria. This walk was devised by none other than Arthur Wainwright, although Frank and his group of scouts decided to walk it the opposite way round.

The route is 190 miles long and took them 12 days, crossing the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales, finally passing through the Lake District to arrive at Cumbria's most westerly point, St. Bees. Although it was in August, the weather was very mixed, with a lot of wet and even cold weather, the Lake District, unsurprisingly, being especially wet. This would not appeal to everyone, as they were camping out every night. However, judging by the photos, everyone had a good time and managed to dry out eventually!

We may have thought this was a good distance for a walk, but it was dwarfed by the second one. This started from Hendaye, which is a frontier town with Spain, on the edge of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. The hike then traversed the length of the Pyrenees, to end at Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean. This is a total distance of 650 miles, including a huge amount of climbing and descending, which Frank and team covered in six and a half weeks, including one rest day per week. Unlike the English walk, the weather was hot and very settled, with only the odd rain shower. It was amusing to see the change in colour of the walkers as the weeks progressed, as they all gradually went from white through red to a deep bronze!

It was particularly good to see teenagers enjoying a challenge like this and they are lucky to have someone like Frank to lead them and show them another side of life.

Yet again we have had an interesting and stimulating evening run by one of our members. Many thanks, Frank.


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