Alpacas & Horses

posted by Ian Lewis in Summer Outings

This week's photo session started with a parking challenge as about twenty-six eager photographers arrived in slightly less than that number of cars and tried to park near the Alpaca stud near Whitchurch! Having overcome that, we were taken into the fields where the alpacas are kept. Following commented on how quiet they are, we were told that they make soft humming noises to each other - sounds an ideal sort of pet to me! They eyed us rather warily - well, who wouldn't! Telezooms came into their own here as alpacas are clearly a little camera-shy - but they posed beautifully (at a distance) and showed off their offspring which I have now discovered are called cria ( thank goodness for the Bozedown website!). As the evening sun lit the fields it was time for contre-jour shots of backlit fleeces before heading off to the next venue.

Tidmarsh this time and a very different subject - racehorses! Not so shy either - in fact just the opposite as they came to inspect their latest visitors. Plenty of close-up horsey details here - eyes, noses and portrait shots. The main challenge was keeping large noses out of camera lenses! The last of the evening sun lit our subjects beautifully before we headed off to see the ducks, chickens and turkey in another paddock.

A superb evening's photography with great models! And to finish - a pint at "The Greyhound" in Tidmarsh - wonderful!


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