Digital Mix 'n' Match Competition

posted by Anon. in Club Meetings

Members enjoyed a fun evening this week. Geoff Storey led a team of men and Joyce Storey led a team of ladies to try to match obscure digital images, with Marilyn Ward acting as judge.

Each team had 50 images from which to choose one to be projected on one screen and the other team had to project a matching image on a second screen. Some matches were excellent, such as the rear views of American footballers in a line of scrimmage or the girls in the sea.

The images could only be used once and it became harder to match them as time went on, resulting in some bizarre "matches".

Marilyn encouraged banter from the members and asked for justification for awarding top marks for a good match and a bonus point for the best image photographically.

With a fairly close finish the men just managed to beat the ladies.

Many thanks to Marilyn for her humorous judging.

Also thanks to all members who took part by producing some very obscure and funny images and joining in the banter to make an enjoyable light-hearted evening.


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