The Spirit of Glastonbury

posted by Anon. in Club Meetings

Dave Probert, one of our club members, gave a superb presentation of the history and spirit of the Glastonbury Festival.

The first half of the evening looked back at the history of the festival and it was interesting to see that the admission price was only £5.00 for the 3 day event in the early years and admission was even free in one of the earlier years. This compares with a ticket price of about £190.00 which this year's visitors will have to pay.

Dave had a number of maps and souvenir artefacts which he had collected and I was surprised at the scale of the festival and the huge area needed to house such an event. The site is almost one and a half miles wide across and a similar length from top to bottom. The festival takes place over 6 miles from Glastonbury and is a huge undertaking costing many millions of pounds.

In the second half, Dave showed some slides he took a couple of years ago which illustrated the wide range of food stalls, attractions, sculptures, musical and artistic tastes as well as the thick mud for which Glastonbury is famous.

An absolutely fascinating evening with wonderful stories although I may not be rushing to the ticket office to buy my pass for next year's event.


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