New WHCC Website goes live

posted by Danny Callcut in General

The new version of the WHCC Website is now live. There is still a lot to be done, including heaps of behind-the-scenes work, but I figured it was time to set the beast free! It will have to be considered in Beta stage, until its tyres have had a good kicking from all the WHCC members!

So have a good look around, and get yourself accustomed to the new style, layout and locations of everything. There should be no dead links, or speeling eerors, but if you do see any, please do let Alan know: I'm sure he'll be most grateful...!

For the time being, I have included a 'help' file: it might even help!

Remember: this is YOUR Website. Only the members can make it function, thrive and survive. I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions and input. Any content that you want to include will initially have to go through me, but I hope to add an Admin Section for individual members in the future.



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