South Morton

posted by Ian Lewis in Summer Outings

A real case of the sun shining on the righteous today! Leaving home with rain pattering on the windscreen, the arrival of club members at South Moreton was greeted with dryness - and eventually fitful sunshine!! This photographic expedition was courtesy of Geoff and Claire Borrowdale who were to be our guides - and who better suited as Geoff is the incumbent of the village church - our starting point. Wielding an impressive key, Geoff let us in to the church where we spent time photographing its interior, especially the carved corbels on the pillars, organ pipes and various small details which excite the hearts of photographers! After walking round the outside and clambering through the branches of the ancient yew tree, the intrepid band ventured into the narrow lanes around the village, past a derelict watermill (which last year would have seen frenzied snapping) and through a farm where, as you would expect, we found a boxing club! A few pics here then back to the walk through the village until finally, over the fields, the last rays of the sun lit up the distant view of that iconic structure - Didcot Power Station! With the light fast fading, we headed for North Moreton and the Bear in Hand for a well-deserved pint of real ale (well - we are a Camra club - aren't we?).

Many thanks to Geoff and Claire for this evening - now we know where to find you for the BBQ!!


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