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Hats and a canal! Two things that might come to mind when thinking about this week's subject!

We welcomed Colin Humphrey this week, all the way from deepest Wiltshire who brought us images from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean - Panama to be precise!

But this was much more than a plain travelogue. Colin fed us with good, detailed information about the country, laced with a wry humour which made his commentary extremely listenable-to. Illustrating this were superb images of the country itself from Atlantic to Pacific. We learnt about its geography and associated vegetation, we discovered more about its population in town and countryside and yes - we learnt about hats! Colin went on to tell us about the Canal itself - its history and its construction, accompanied by great photographs. However, what stood out even more were his truly superb wildlife images, particularly those of the birds inhabiting the country.

Oh - and one other thing - we discovered that rainforest means just that! He described the drenching rain he endured on his latest visit - which made his images all the more remarkable! He pointed out that while he was there the Canal was closed for the first time in its history due to too much water - all the locks had to be opened! (note to self - don't complain about the rain we've had this year!)

Thank you for a superb evening, Colin! Hope we see you again!


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