posted by Ian Lewis in Summer Outings

An evening by the river - how pleasant -idyllic even! This evening our photographers gathered together at Pangbourne Meadow - and what with our own intrepid band of kayakers and canoeists adding to the Dolphin Centre's boating frenzy on the water, plus the odd duck, goose and swan straying into the arena, there was plenty of aquatic action for pics!

Then on to David Probert's garden by the weir (and there was Angela looking forward to a nice quiet evening!) for late evening sunshine shots. Over David's answer to the Severn Bridge and on to his island for shots into the setting sun, backlighting our kayakers who'd paddled up to join us. This was a great opportunity to try out contre jour techniques (like - who could get the best starburst effect!).

As the sun gradually sank, a few final shots then off to The Swan to enjoy a pint!

Finally, many thanks to David and Angela for letting us all loose in their garden - a great spot for evening pics!


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