Summer Evening: Sulhampstead

posted by Graham Piper in Summer Outings

Well over twenty members turned out for this evening. Once again the British weather held up and the only people getting wet were the kayakers - Well mainly me! A couple of members took to the kayaks for their first attempt and very much enjoyed the tranquility of the canal, whilst others - supposed competent paddlers - decided to go over the weir. The trip down was fine but getting stuck on the rocks required me to bail out and then try to get the water out of the boat faster than it was coming in! I eventually managed it then proceeded to sink the boat completely further over on a bigger area of the weir. This meant I had to push the boat out into the river and swim to the bank - nice! Once again the evening was finished off in the pub - The Spring Inn on the A4, Ascot Alley cat beer - definitely the WORST pint we have all had in years, if not ever! Thanks to Jason, and Trevor for supplying some kayaks.


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