Summer Evening: Treasure Hunt

posted by Graham Piper in Summer Outings

A Treasure hunt? Well an image hunt actually. A fine body of members turned out for this first time event (15 in fact). I created two lists of twelve subjects and gave Ros French the choice of which one we worked to. List chosen and fifteen split into three groups of five and then we were off. Simple rules - try to obtain the best image to satisfy each subject.

The teams crossed from time to time with our team being very resourceful and popping into Dave's house to take a shot of his fridge contents! Inevitably when in Pangbourne, we congregated on the meadow and around the newly finished Dolphin canoe and activity center. This ended up with us being invited in for a look around. We were very surprised to see a rock climbing wall inside and we were even asked if we could help them with some advertising photos.

The evening ended with us taking over a corner of the Cross keys garden, setting up a laptop and then sorting and viewing the teams efforts. We all agreed it would be a great idea to allow the club members to judge the images on the first night of the season.

Many favourable comments were received regarding the success of the evening so look forward to round two next season.

Thanks for your efforts.


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