Opening Night

posted by Graham Piper in Club Meetings

Another new season and another good start. Alan started off the evening by explaining the many workings of the club to the existing members and the three prospective new members that attended. Good news on this front - one joined at the break and one other will be joining on her next visit. Alan will no doubt formally welcome the new members next week.

Graham took over for a short while before the break to explain what had been happening through the summer and to explain the second half. An early break brought a small treat in the form of some cakes that were kindly provided by Frank.

The second half consisted of Alan showing the images from the summer Image hunt. Graham previously explained that fifteen members had congregated on Pangbourne and were split into 3 groups and given a list of 12 set subjects to go away and photograph. The evening was a great success and all the members attending thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alan gave a short praisee of each image and then a show of hands was given for each. Grahams team ended up as the overall winners and also claimed the highest voted image of the night. The image consisted of five tall long shadows of the team members (Helen, Graham, Tony Bates, Neil Stewart and his wife Helen) on the street outside Pangbourne rail station, the image also showed a man walking on the path toward the five. The image subject was People!

Looking forward to seeing a good turnout this Wednesday. Please ensure the new members are made welcome.


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