Trans Siberian Odyssey

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Alan Fretten, Vice-Chairman of the Bracknell Camera Club, gave a delightful presentation in which he covered a journey on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.

Alan explained that the total journey of 7,865 kms takes you through 8 different time zones although the train timings are always set on Moscow time. This can be very confusing although the problem can be solved by wearing two wrist watches.

Alan's photography did not concentrate on the railway locomotion or rolling stock. He showed many images of the architecture of the towns and cities visited and the topography of the countries as the train wended its way across Russia and Siberia and in to China.

My favourites were the photographs of ordinary people going about their daily duties in the towns where the train stopped. Alan's people pictures were absolutely delightful capturing the real atmosphere of the busy towns and cities. This style of photography has become more difficult in recent times but Alan proved that he is a master of this art.

A superb start to our new season setting a very high standard for future presentations to achieve.


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