Selection Evening

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This was an evening for the club members to become judges and choose which photographs will be used for competitions against other clubs during the season. Each member was given a list of all the images and were asked to choose no more than 15. There were 41 prints and 93 digital images from which to choose and it was a difficult task to choose 15 of each from those on show, as not everybody has the same taste in pictures. At the end of a fairly long evening, all the lists were collected by the competition secretaries to take home and make a final tally of the pictures chosen. It was an enjoyable evening to see all the different subjects submitted by the various photographers, ranging from Natural History to Abstract.

Below are listed the first 15 entries, plus 5 reserves. In external competitions, there is usually a limit of 2 entries per author, so this limit has been applied to the list of 15 images for submission, together with 5 reserves.

In the Print competition in particular, there are a large number of high scoring images which have had to be eliminated, as their author already has 2 images for the competition entry, plus one in the reserve. Clearly, if we are asked to enter 20 prints/images (e.g. Wantage), but still limited to only 2 from each author, we will have to go even further into the other images, which are not listed here (and are generally low scoring).

The results of the selection evening are as follows: (The images used for competition entry are at the top; the bottom 5 are the reserve.)

Digital Images
Member Digital Image Title Votes Competition
John Sexton Gone Fishin' 30 1
John Sexton Crested Gecko 23 2
Rod Norman Wild Poppy 17 3
Nigel Glover-Wright DIK DIK 17 4
Bill Pound Barn Owl 16 5
Tony Bates Brighton Pier 14 6
Rod Norman Out Of The Blue 14 7
Bill Pound Quick Exit 13 8
Eric Needs Robin 12 9
Bill Scott A crowded beach 11 10
Bill Scott Eagle owl 10 11
Pamela Martin Red Cadillac 10 12
Trevor King Depth 9 13
Nigel Glover-Wright Night Heron 9 14
Eric Needs Roman Orchid on Monti Moricone 8 15
Tony Bates Beachy Head 8 reserve
John Sexton Reed Frog 20 reserve
Rod Norman Alcazar Bathing Pool, Sevilla 10 reserve
Ian Nash Wind Surfer 8 reserve
Tony Bates Kimmeridge 7 reserve
Member Title Votes Competition
John Sexton I know You're Up There 28 1
Tony Bates Swanage Pier 27 2
Brian Jolley South Parade Pier 25 3
Ivor Cowley Bath Abbey thru the York Street Arch 23 4
Brian Jolley Bosham Hoe 22 5
Jan Gavin Rowing at Dawn 21 6
John Sexton Beady Eyes 21 7
Tony Bates Curtain of Water 20 8
Bill Scott Blue and Gold 19 9
Nigel Fenner Castleric Dawn/standing stones 19 10
Bill Scott Wistful 18 11
Nigel Fenner On the Way Up 18 12
Ivor Cowley Exotic Flower seen on Tresco 17 13
Pamela Martin House for Rent 7 14
Ian Nash Scamp 7 15
Tony Bates Tracks From a Bygone Era 20 reserve
Bill Scott Face on the Tiles 18 reserve
Brian Jolley Snowdonia from Bodnant 16 reserve
Ivor Cowley Mr. And Mrs. 15 reserve
Nigel Fenner Cara Cara 15 reserve


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