The Island Dream

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Members were left spellbound following another enthralling presentation by Ruari Cumming which took us on a trip to the Hebridean Isles of Colonsay and Oronsay.

Leaving the mainland from Oban we were taken by car ferry on the start of a fascinating journey to meet a few of the Isles' inhabitants and follow a typical day in their lives.

Would many people think of turning litter into art? Jane Rose has been gathering up litter from the beaches to turn it into something beautiful. We saw her collecting numerous plastic bottles - all shapes, sizes and colours - amongst many other items of rubbish washed up on the shoreline from boats.

We watched Chris Nisbet accompanied by Rob and Ross brewing the local beer.

Listening to "Please Mr Postman" by the Carpenters, who else could we be following on his rounds but the island's postman, Keith Rutherford.

Will Dady has the monumental task of caring for the gardens of Colonsay House and proves his ability to make the grounds well worth a visit.

Jack and master of all trades well describes Kevin Byrne whose duties include: school bus driver, port supervisor, walking tours for visitors, running holiday homes, author, island bookshop and publishing house owner, assistant registrar, taking weather readings for the Met Office, Island web master and Church of Scotland Session Clerk ­ PHEW!

Ruari has the gift of finding pictures which might otherwise be missed as demonstrated particularly in the sequences 'On the Beach' and 'Sand Trees'.

Once again Ruari very cleverly chose music to fit in perfectly with each sequence, interspersed by his lively and poetic narration to make this a highly professional presentation and a most memorable evening for all. His photography must rank amongst the best seen at our Club.

Many thanks, Ruari, for sharing your love of the beautiful Hebridean Isles.


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