posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Keith Adams, accompanied by Jim Nemer, travelled from Ealing to show us many photographs of ancient sites in Cornwall and other parts of England which had the common theme of Rubble.

Half expecting to see pictures of builders rubble and general rubbish, I was pleasantly surprised when Keith explained that Rubble refers to our ancient history and includes standing stones, megalithic stone circles, redundant and derelict churches, ruined castles and many other features of our countryside, many in the hands of English Heritage.

Among the sites covered by Keith were Stonehenge, Uffington White Horse, Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill, the Rollright Stones and Silchester, all within our local area.

Many of Keith's photographs were taken in less than ideal conditions and a number of copies of his early slides were showing clear signs of Photoshop manipulation. All in all, a specialist evening with lots of dates and information which may have been better suited to a History Society rather than a Camera Club.


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