Wildlife of Southern Africa

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Colin Humphrey came from Maidenhead to give us a talk on the wildlife of Southern Africa; his talk was titled 'My Africa'. It was a full house on the evening and any members who like wildlife but could not attend on the night really missed a show of superb photographs.

Colin has visited Africa on a number of occasions and stayed for a few months each time. The first part of the show started with a sunrise taken from the aircraft, and continued with a few record shots in and around Port Elizabeth where he was staying. When the wildlife shots started we knew we were in for a treat. There were so many different species of bird, a few mammals with the odd landscape thrown in; the quality of the photographs was outstanding. The first half finished with a dramatic sunset and a big round of applause.

After the break, the show started in Cape Town and then went on to the wildlife again; there were also photographs of Victoria Falls from the ground and the air. Once again, as in the first half there were so many different species of bird with hardly any being repeated - those that were repeated were part of a sequence. In all there were over fifty different species shown. On the mammal side, we saw all of the big cats plus two of the rarely seen smaller cats - the Caracal and the Serval - plus Elephants, Impalas, Cape Foxes and Hyenas to name but a few. As with the first half, the show finished with another dramatic sunset.

Apart from the superb photography, Colin had a very good sense of humour which accompanied some of the photographs and would be a very welcome visitor to the club in the future.


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