Slide & Digital Competition No 2: Decay

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

The ever popular Peter Jackman returned for the unenviable task of judging 69 digital images and 12 slides on the theme of "Decay". The images and slides viewed by Peter covered a very wide spectrum showing all kinds of decay, neglect and dereliction. There were many views of decaying boats left to rot on the shore line, abandoned cars overtaken by Mother Nature with nettles and brambles growing where the windscreen would have been at some stage, buildings in various states of dereliction, a couple of wheelbarrows which had lost their bottoms and a number of images of fruit which were, quite obviously, well past their sell-by date.

The more bizarre photographs included an image of a carcass taken on safari and a line of dead moles which had been hung on a strand of barbed wire as a warning message to future visitors.

Results as follows:

Position Author(s) Points
1st Graham Piper 35 points
2nd Ian Lewis & Nigel Glover-Wright 33 points
3rd Geoffrey Borrowdale & David Probert 32 points

There were no 20's in this section.

Position Author(s) Points
1st Pamela Martin 38 points
2nd Brenna Martin & Helen Richards 37 points
3rd Eric Needs, Tony Bates, David Smith, Dorothy Hart, Bill Scott, John Sexton and Brian Jolley 34 points

Three 20's in this section were awarded to:

  • Brenna Martin - 'Physalis Alkekengi'
  • Pamela Martin - 'Miss Haversham's Nightcap'
  • Brian Jolley - 'One Rotting Apple'

Congratulations to all the winners and authors of the twenties, particularly Pamela and Brenna who are keeping it in the family.

Many thanks to Peter for his constructive comments combined with his usual sense of humour and for his perfect interpretation of whether the main subject was decayed enough or whether another few years out in the elements may help.

Finally many thanks to Tony and Geoff for all their work in presenting the images.


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