All Roads lead to Rhodes

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Peter Brandham made his final visit to our club this week with an amazing selection of images taken on the island of Rhodes.

Being a botanist at Kew Gardens, the emphasis was, once again, on plant species and Peter showed many images of the plant life, many of which can only be found on this island. He included a map of the island in the form of a souvenir postcard showing the tourist spots and Peter made the point that this type of image is easier to display in a presentation rather than including a copy of a detailed map.

In addition to many rare species, along with their Latin names, Peter included information on how the shots were taken and shared many tips on composition, lighting and exposure which he uses to obtain the perfect image.

Peter has been a regular visitor to the club for ten years and the evening ended with a presentation to him in appreciation of his long association with us, both as a lecturer and as a guide showing many of our members the hidden secrets of Kew Gardens.


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