Curiosities Of The Chilterns

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now wasn’t that a great start to 2020! I’m talking about the club meeting on 8th January which featured our very own Chairman – Alan ‘Curiosity’ Copeland – bless ‘im!

True to form Alan presented us with a thoroughly entertaining evening of Curiosities in the Chilterns (although the bounds of geography were strained a bit with the inclusion of Reading – but it’s near enough innit!!

He explained that a number of the images dated from the 1980s -ish – and it was great to look at past fashions / transport etc! But how does he find all these oddities? The mind boggles!! We were treated to oddball signs (who authorised some of these to go up??), buildings and features. And yes – we did go through the Chilterns with Reading providing a convenient starting and stopping point! Of course Alan couldn’t show local shots without the memorial to the poor guy who died in the whirlwind on the GWR could he! But he gave all the fascinating facts to go with it such as the unfortunate fellow was a railway worker and the width of the memorial is the same as a broad-gauge track! The same level of info appeared all the way through with fascinating stories behind the images (eg the marmoset’s memorial on Henley’s Fairmile). What made this presentation even more noteworthy was the use of odd sound effects – a ghostly train comes to mind!!

This was a thoroughly entertaining evening and we can see why our man’s popular in clubs and WIs – and I’m sure we’ll have him back again (the Treasurer’ll endorse that ‘cos it was free!). Thank you Alan for starting off the New Year with such a fun evening!



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