Hide and Seek

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Well we all trooped along to the village hall thinking that this evening sounded good – and boy! We weren’t disappointed!

The stars of the evening were Peter and Margaret Preece who’d travelled miles through the December murk to be with us. They came with their presentation ‘Hide and Seek’ – all about wildlife mostly in the UK but also in Spain. So we guessed that they spend a considerable amount of their time in hides – and we were proved right! All sorts from single to multiple occupancy!

Their speciality is birds – many photographed in their garden and others in a nearby reserve. Nice to see that their images were labelled – so species guesswork was at a minimum! But there was other wildlife to be enjoyed too – red and grey squirrels doing what they do best – and even rats looking endearing (down to great photography!). Then there were foxes and hedgehogs (the latter apparently being hard to photograph if you don’t just want a prickly ball). Even a lynx photographed in Spain – now that’s one big moggy!!

The thing is - they know exactly what they want in the finished image so Peter will set the scene within the creature’s habitat and baits the branch / twig / plant etc with appropriate food (principally it seems mealworms). Then when they arrive – click! (sounds easy but it’s clearly time consuming and difficult!). Peter apparently spends a considerable amount of his time standing/sitting/crouching in water! Stunning butterfly images were captured using a macro lens.

Peter says he’s not a landscape photographer – but the landscape shots we saw were absolutely beautiful!

Well – all I can say is that all the images we saw were simply stunning! Not only that but Peter and Margaret tell the story so well, making a thoroughly entertaining evening! We look forward to seeing them again - a bit sooner than the last eight-year gap though!!



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