Jet Skis

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Wet 'n wild this week! No ..not the weather, or the camera club members - but the subject - the jet-skis at Lagoona Park just south of the M4 at Reading.

Our stalwart band of photographers gathered at the lake side as jet ski-ers flashed past on the water. This was an evening for higher ISOs and longer lenses as the aquatic "motorbikes" sped across the water, lit by the setting sun and accompanied by the sound of motordriven shutters clattering at high speed to catch the action!

And not all photographers stayed on dry land! Steve persuaded a poor unsuspecting jet ski-er to take him out on the pillion. Cameras were extra busy, ready to catch the shot of him falling in - but no - he finished in a reasonably dry state! Well done Steve! (please note, though - he didn't take any shots whilst speeding round - can't think why!)

As the sun finally sank behind the M4 (picturesque - eh?)it was time to put cameras and monopods away and head for the nearest hostelry for a well-deserved pint (deserved by Steve, anyway!).


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