Abstracts, Patterns and Art in Your Eyes

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now isn’t it lovely to have evenings when we have to exercise those little grey cells!

We had one of those when Damon Guy (now why didn’t he come at the beginning of November!!!) arrived with his presentation ‘Abstracts, Patterns and Art in Your Eyes’ Did exactly what it said on the tin too!

Abstracts is something a lot of us are interested in exploring (creative types as we are!) and Damon took us through the building blocks to create such images. Looking at types of abstract art and photography and where suitable subjects can be found is key to forming ideas. So we were taken on a tour what to look for. Always good to have examples, we were shown an abundance of these by Damon. Now we can look around us with increased knowledge of what we are actually looking for - such as fine detail within, say, a rusting piece of metal – or perhaps just part of a scene or landscape.

This was an excellent and inspiring evening – now we look forward to a plethora of creative, abstract images – and how about this for a future competition subject eh??

Thank you, Damon, – we look forward to seeing you again!



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