Digital Competition No 1

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

On Wednesday 9th October – sheer excitement (well excitement anyway) as this was the first of our ladder competitions for the season. A goodly crowd assembled in the village hall for Digital Competition No 1. As always with the first and last comps in any season – this was open – so no set subject. These are great ‘cos we get to see such a wide variety of superb and creative images. The man in the hot seat for the evening (ie the judge) – Steven Galvin LRPS who came all the way from the Marlow Camera Club (don’t think he came by river though!).

And what a great selection of images he was faced with! Over 50 entries for him to critique and award points to! There was of course a really wide variety of subjects – everything from landscapes and natural history to portraits and still life. Steven did a superb job – each image receiving detailed and helpful comments with scores between 14 and 20. To add to the tension he held several back – each of these scoring 19 or 20. He was quite happy to discuss images too – very refreshing!

Okay – who won then?? I’m not telling you – but if you visit our web page: and then look up competition results you’ll find out!!

So well done to all the high scorers and the overall winner – and thanks to all who entered, giving us such a great evening!

And of course – thank you Steven for not only judging but for giving such helpful and insightful comments. See you again!



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