Judging of the Summer Challenge

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So at the end of last season we had our challenge set to keep us busy over the summer break!

Richard and Claire Tilson had got us to choose three categories which were Books, Transportation and Trash. We could then submit 3 images in any combination from these. Simples!

Fast forward to this season and 18th September. The day of judgement so to speak! All those taking part had sent their entries to Richard and Claire and these were to be projected and voted upon by the assembled club members. We were presented with voting sheets – with the images printed on them as an aide-memoir – how about that! (certainly saved brain searching!).

The images we saw were superb – the photographers really using their skills and imagination to meet the demands of each subject! (it was ever thus!!).

So who did what in the end?

In the ‘Books’ category the winner was Nigel Fenner with our esteemed Chairman Alan C as runner-up.

The ‘Trash’ category saw Richard Tilson as winner with David Belcher just behind.

Then finally in ‘Transportation’ (which had the most entries) the winner was David Belcher with Richard Tilson as runner-up.

Then to finish with – and just in case we hadn’t exercised our brains enough – a photography quiz!

A really good evening - and congratulations not only to the winners and runners-up but to all who devoted their entire summer to looking for and taking suitable photos!

Thanks to Richard and Claire for organising this event and giving us a good – and dare I say fun evening!



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