Mix and Match Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Enter the article hereSo we all gathered in the village hall for the needle match of the season.

Excitement was in the air as the seats filled and we all stared at the two screens and two projectors. Yes – this was it – The Battle Of The Sexes – the much anticipated ‘Mix and Match Competition’!

All quite straightforward really men versus women – and the mere matter of matching images shown on screen. To explain briefly (honest!) – one team puts up an image and the opposing team tries to match it – simples!

The judge for this battle – none other than our esteemed Chairman – Mr Alan Copeland LRPS APAGB. Points awarded for a close match (fewer for a not-so-close match and none for ‘couldn’t find a pic remotely like it so we’ll stick anything on the screen’!) Also points for the quality of images!

The result was, as expected, a weird and wonderful selection of photos accompanied by raucous heckling and ‘suggestions’ from the audience. Never has a judge received so much abuse for his or her findings!!

What a fun evening – and a great way to wind down the season! Many thanks to Joyce and Geoff Storey for organising the event, and to Alan for attempting to impose some sort of law and order to the proceedings! Oh yes – and thanks to all those members who scoured their stores of images for the oddities which lurk in the depths! Brilliant!

And the result of all this?  Well - our women members soundly beat the men – by 87 points to 73! Congrats! -and the basis for a return match sometime in the not-too-distant future methinks!!


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