In The Footsteps Of Shackleton

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So, on this lovely May evening we all donned our thermals and furs ‘cos we were off to the South Atlantic and Antarctic ‘In The Footsteps of Shackleton’ with Pam and Eddy Lane as our guides. Just so you know they know their photographic stuff – they’ve both got ARPS, DPAGB and EFIAP qualifications! Impressive eh?

Lots of information for us to absorb here – much of it about the Shackleton adventure but also a plethora of wildlife and geographical info. Luckily Pam and Eddy provided factsheets about the first of these! However, we were warned that there would be a test on penguins (thought we might be tasting choc wafers – but no – it meant breeds!!).

Plenty of maps too – so we knew where we were going! So, we started by visiting the Falkland Islands where we met our first penguins – and learnt about its history, its community and its wildlife. Then on to South Georgia. Much of the history of these places we found out is rooted in the whaling industry – remnants of which are still there (yes - we saw the images!). We viewed land and seascapes which are magnificent though bleak! And of course, we discovered there’s more than penguins to see – the various albatrosses for example, with their huge wingspans.

Then on to the icy regions of the Antarctic, following where Shackleton and his team became stuck in the ice – the ship Endurance then sinking to an icy, watery grave. Pam and Eddy traced the subsequent rescue which took all of 10 months!

Magnificent images of this place – showing the icy landscape. And of course – the penguins – rockhopper, King, Chinstrap, Adele, Gentoo, Megallanic and Macaroni (there – I took notice!). Huge colonies of them too!! And then there were animals such as the enormous elephant seal.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening – superb images and good, meaty information. Oh yes – there was a penguin test too! (and I’m not telling you how I did!)

Thank you, Eddie and Pam, for sharing your experiences and your superb images with us. We look forward to seeing you again!



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