Three Weeks In Japan

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

How about that for a far-flung visit! This week we went on another virtual trip – this time all the way to Japan in the company of our own John Sexton!

Not just images either – as John gave us masses of fascinating information about this county. A challenging journey too as there seems to be very little concession to those who don’t read Japanese – how you get on the right train each time is a mystery to me! Anyway – John and Sheila did – and got around very successfully too! It was great to see superb images of the land itself – the landscapes and buildings – and we also gained an insight into the lives of the people of Japan.

John took each area he and Sheila visited at a time – showing us a map and giving any relevant information. Very impressed that he actually rented a car and drove to one of the destinations – with road signs all in Japanese too!

Of course, all John’s images were excellent – and through them together with his interesting commentary we got a very real sense of the land, its people and its geography.

A wonderful evening – thank you for sharing your images and experiences with us John – where to next time??



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