Gaudi, Barcelona and Puglia

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

May Day – and for those who weren’t up and about at silly o’clock to welcome the summer in traditional style (who was photographing the celebrations at Magdalen Tower at 6:00am then?? Not me for one!) – what a lovely way to end the day!

So this evening our very own Rachel Paton took us firstly to Barcelona to marvel at its wonderfully crazy architecture – the work of Gaudi of course! Principal among this is of course the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Rachel showed us some superb images of this from all angles and told us of its history – which of course is still in the making!  And of course there were other buildings in the city reflecting this flamboyant style to see as well – a real feast of avant-garde architecture!

The oddities of architecture didn’t end there either as we went on to Italy to visit the Puglia region and there we were introduced to the curious conical houses. Lovely scenery – and a glimpse of warm weather too!

A superb evening – we all thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you Rachel for sharing your images and experiences with us.



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