A Blue Badge Guide's Tour Of Southampton, Portsmouth And The Isle Of Wight

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

We had a lovely tour round the Isle of Wight last Wednesday (6th March that is). And not only that - we also looked at the history of Southampton v Portsmouth (absolutely nothing to do with soccer!).

And who better to take us on such a tour than a Blue Badge Guide – ‘cos what they don’t know ain’t worth knowing! So the Guide in question was Graham Horn who’s visited us before and he was full of great information.

We started off on the Isle of Wight, going over by ferry. Busy sea crossing this although it’s short!! Stuff continually going in and out of Portsmouth and Southampton. Graham took us through the whole geological history, explaining the tides and how, because of the IoW, there’s twice the number of high tides in Southampton – great for the shipping business. Having explained about the geology of the Island, the reason for the vertical stripes of coloured sands at Alum Bay became clear as was the long-lost link between The Needles and The Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. We saw images taken at the historical sites of the Island from Roman to Victorian – tempting us to make the journey and come back with our own!

Then we learnt of the roller-coaster history of Southampton and Portsmouth – how the former became a commercial and the latter a naval port. Again – interesting images to make us think about our own next time we visit! And these places are so close, many of us are bound to be there in the not-too-distant future!

A superb evening with lots of ideas for our own visits and photography. Many thanks Graham – we now look forward to your next visit to WHCC!



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