6x4 Competition and Discussion Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So this week it was our annual event – the 6x4 competition!

Dates right back this one does – to the days when we used to take our roll of film to the likes of Boots (other processors are available!) and get back a strip of negatives and a collection of 6x4 prints. Bet most of us senior photogs have probably got loads of these at home!!

So the rules of the game are – mount five images (not overly processed – in the spirit of the origins of this comp) on a board – number them and bring them along on the evening where they’re anonymously displayed on the tables.

It’s one of those evenings when everybody participates as we all get a scoresheet and then choose our five favourite panels – simples eh? Great fun too as there’s always such a variety of images – and we had a lot of entries! By coffee/tea/etc time we’d all finished our deliberations - so refreshed we voted on the panels by show of hands. The winner this year was Eric Needs with a panel of vibrant images of Venice – bello! Well done Eric!

Following the competition, we had our annual discussion evening in which we decide on the two set subjects for next year’s competitions. After many suggestions and votes we ended up with ‘Flowing Water’ and ‘Night’. Should be interesting!! Will test our powers of originality too!!



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