The Rain Forests of Costa Rica

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week a presentation by our own Nigel Glover-Wright – intrepid wildlife photographer!

A bit of a difference this time ‘cos our Nigel took us over the Atlantic (don’t think he rowed it though!) to Costa Rica and its rainforests. And of course, it did just what it said on the tin – it rained - heavily!!

Didn’t stop Nigel getting another batch of stunning wildlife pictures though and during the first part of the evening we were introduced to a large variety of the country’s birds and animals. Stunning pictures – and we soon found out which Nigel’s favourite creatures are ‘cos he let us know! We also found out about his living conditions whilst out there as there were photographs of his accommodation. Amazing how you can get such good pictures in relentless rain!

Then after we’d refreshed ourselves it was a visit to one of Nigel’s favourite haunts – the safari parks of East Africa. We are already familiar with his great images of African wildlife and we weren’t disappointed this time either! It’s always good to hear Nigel enthuse about the animal life of Africa – and of course we know that he has a particular fondness for large spotty cats!!  

Another superb evening Nigel – expect it won’t be long before you’re off again to capture more great African images – we look forward to seeing them!



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