Mosques and Pagodas

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So on 14 November we gathered in the village hall for a presentation by one of our club members – the aptly named Bill Scott. And where did he take us? Well – the answer to that was in the title ‘Mosques and Pagodas’ and, as they say – it did just what it said on the tin!

Bill started the journey in the UAE with wonderful images of mosque architecture. Not only the photographs either – for he gave us interesting background facts.

Then it was a further journey to the far east and its myriad temples and pagodas.  Again, superb images showing them in their settings – some beautifully cared for whilst others were starting to look a little worse for wear! (the pagodas that is – not the images!)

This was a thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable evening with great images and interesting facts.

Thank you Bill!  We look forward to your next presentation (they’re always good!).



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