Using The Rules And How To Break Them Successfully

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a really interesting and thought-provoking session we had last Wednesday – 17 October. We had a visit from Damon Guy who treated us to a presentation called ‘Using The Rules And How To Break Them Successfully’……….. and it did just what it said on the tin!!

Damon really took us back to the basics of photography, looking at the make-up of images – composition, light … you know the stuff! But he started off by looking at how we see and what we perceive through vision ….. really fascinating to hear that the human eye sees green better than any other colour – so as Damon said – when checking the accuracy of colour in an image or on the monitor – look at the greens!

He took us into the ‘conventions’ of photography – the rule of thirds etc and how these often work well to produce pleasing images – and then gave examples of striking images produced by deliberately flouting these rules – eg the horizon at the half way point to emphasise symmetry and reflections. We also looked at things like creative differential focussing and abstract photography using colour and/or close-up techniques.

All in all the evening gave us plenty to think about in order to carry on developing our creative photography. Fascinating, useful, instructive – it was all of these things. Now we’ve got to take some of these ideas and use them – but will all judges have the same view? ……… we wait to see!!

Many thanks to Guy for the evening – hope we see you again for more tips and advice!  



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