Digital Competition No 1 (Open)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we were – the first competition of the season – so with mounting excitement we gathered in the village hall for Digital Competition No 1 in this season’s ladder. Being the first one it was open too – so no set subject.

Of course someone has to be in the hot seat for these occasions and this time it was someone new to us – Rojer Weightman (yes – I know I spelt his name wrongly in the weekly notices – sorry Rojer!).

So what was he presented with? Well – 44 excellent images – that’s what! Being an open round there was, of course, a wide variety of subject matter. Without listing every image there were landscapes, cityscapes, lakes, mountains, natural history, still life and even designs created by smoke.

Rojer gave a detailed critique on each followed immediately by its score. He also commented on the use of keylines – making the point that sometimes a striking image with a black background can really ‘pop out’ at the viewer if no keyline is used! (but of course we’ve also had judges saying that a fine keyline should be used in these cases! Ah well!).

So who were the high scorers and top placements?

Much coveted 20s went to ‘European Wildcat’ by Richard Tilson; ‘Evening in Prague’ by Joyce Storey; ‘The Woods’ by John Sexton and ‘Spring Morning Woodlands’ by Ceri Jones (which also gained the star!).

Five members tied for second place – all with 37 points! They were Richard Tilson, Joyce Storey, John Sexton, David Robinson and David Dare.

And the winner was ………. Ceri Jones with 39 points!

Congratulations to all the high scorers and those in the top places – and well done to all who entered making this such a good evening. Thanks also of course to Rojer for his sterling work – see you again!



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