Icons of the Highway

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

At the meeting on 19th January, the club was treated to some truly inspiring images taken by Tony Worobiec FRPS and his wife Eva Worobiec FRPS, both photographers and authors. But first - and even more for our money -"instant Polish" for beginners! (following congratulations to our esteemed chairman for (nearly) pronouncing Tony's surname correctly).

The images, under the title "Icons of the Highway", taken by Tony and Eva during visits to the USA, showed fast-disappearing features of the American way of life, namely road houses, motels and small-town cinemas found along such roads as the legendary Route 66. The photographs, mostly taken on medium-format film, vividly brought to life the neon-lit garishness of the buildings starkly set against semi-darkness, as they are mostly taken in what Tony terms "crossover light", that time shortly before dawn or after dusk. Admirers of art deco were also treated to superb pictures of cinema interiors, clearly illustrating why they were termed "picture palaces" (and begging the question - why can't or won't some cinemas close the screen curtains?). Accompanying these pictures Tony gave descriptions of photographic techniques together with anecdotes surrounding each image (now we know how to persuade a cinema owner how to open up for photography!).

These were images that not only looked good on screen but, as examples of fine art in their own right, would look great on the wall!

It's worth mentioning that these photographs have been exhibited at the RPS and also, last year at the Fox Talbot Museum and are the subject of a book by the Worobiecs, (copies brought for sale together with some of his other books on photography!).

At the end of the evening, only one question remains: - what's Eva like?


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