Digital Audio-Visual Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a good way to run up to Christmas wasn't it - yes - the Camera Club's annual seasonal bash that is - on 20th December - as close as possible to the Day itself!!

Well - it was our Audio Visual Competition - that bit of seasonal light-heartedness when members put together sequences just for the fun of it! They have to be judged of course and the man to do it was .... no - not Father Christmas was Roger McCallum who came on his sleigh all the way from the frozen wastes of Woodley.

There were five sequences for our delectation and delight. And what a variety of subjects! Everything from vintage village to macro on the woodland floor and from the zany world of Puff the Magic Dragon (who if you'll remember lived psychedelically by the sea) to people and local towns.

Of course there had to be a winner of this cornucopia of visual delight - and it was none other than our esteemed chairman with 'Hidden Abingdon'. He was closely followed by Dave Dare with 'On the Woodland Floor' and in third place Ceri Jones with 'Puff The Magic Dragon' (it's the Welsh influence!).

But that wasn't all 'cos for once I have to mention the tea break! Being the season of good cheer we had all sorts of festive goodies to eat and drink which of course took a lot longer than usual- luvly!!

So after the results had been announced it was off into the frosty air with cries of 'Merry Christmas'!

Oh yes - some thanks. Firstly to Roger for winging his way to us just to be in the hot seat! Then to all the committee members who produced the goodies for the tea break.

A good evening was had by all - happy Christmas and looking forward to 2018!


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