Forgotten Heritage

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

We had a great - and very different evening on 16th November when Reading-based photographer Matt Emmett took us into places that - well - we might never have seen otherwise!

Matt's caving background has got him into some dark and mysterious places - so what better than to then venture into abandoned, derelict and boarded-up buildings and come out with stunning images! During the evening Matt revealed the dimly - lit and often crumbling interiors of industrial buildings such as disused power stations or factories. We started among the tubes of the National Gas Turbine Establishment in Fleet and then travelled all over Europe to see these amazing structures. And how about an underwater party venue? Well - there's one over there on the Continent - in the middle of a lake!!

The quality of Matt's images is superb - great detail and amazing lighting. He spent some time explaining the technical details of his photography and processing too - as photographers it's lovely to have this sort of info isn't it!

Rather than me try to catalogue what we saw - why not visit Matt's Facebook page 'Forgotten Heritage' - or see his images appear in 'Old Reading Plus' Group - again on Facebook.

Oh - and since our meeting Matt has won the 'Historic Photographer of the Year' competition - congratulations!

A really good evening was had by all - thanks Matt - and we look forward to seeing your images again sometime!


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