Selection Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So we all flocked into the village hall last Wednesday for our annual Selection Evening - when our members get to choose the images which will represent the club in external competitions.

And didn't we have a great selection to choose from!

We started as always with the prints - each voting for our favourite ten by show of hands (very untechnical eh?). A wonderful collection of prints to choose from - made the job pretty difficult! However - we ended up with ten absolutely superb prints - both colour and monochrome - excellent!

Then - as if the first job wasn't difficult enough - we had to choose twenty digital images - and we had a huge selection to choose from! But as resolute as ever we pressed on and voted for the ones we thought would do well against other clubs.

Important to remember to choose a good range of subject matter when doing this - and of course there are more digital image external competitions than print!

You want to know what was chosen? Well - come along to some of the inter-club battles - they're fascinating - and fun!


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