The Maasai Mara

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now didn't we just enjoy our visit to the Maasai Mara along with our intrepid guide Nigel Glover-Wright! Of course there are few better qualified to take us on a virtual safari 'cos he makes frequent visits there and comes back with literally thousands of stunning images! (just think of all that raw conversion!!)

We know Nigel's wildlife images well - and we weren't in the least disappointed with this selection - great photographs of animal and bird life all in their natural habitat. There were the usual suspects - birds like the rollers with their fantastically coloured plumage - the somewhat less attractive marabou storks (only their mothers could love them!).

Then of course there were the big cats - and we all know that cheetahs are Nigel's favourite animal don't we!

And who can forget the images of the Great Migration - puts you in mind of the M25 on a bank holiday (except for cars substitute wildebeest} oh - and on the M25 we don't have to contend with hungry crocodiles!

A superb evening Nigel - we look forward to your next presentation!!


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