Peter and Jean Bean: Salisbury and Tony Bates: Long exposure daylight photography

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Last Wednesday's club meeting really was a game of two halves!

In the first half, Peter and Jean Bean gave us a true Bean-feast with a guided tour of Salisbury. Who better to take us round than Peter who, it transpires, was born and brought up there! In fact, he tells us that due to this he's a "moonraker". Apparently this really means he's a smuggler - so Customs and Excise please note! Starting from Old Sarum we learnt that the "new" city's site was the result of an arrow shot (hope no-one was in the way!). We were then treated to images of magnificent medieval houses, one of which Peter was brought up in (no - he's not that old!), even more beautiful medieval inns, churches - and even Peter's primary school! We then had some marvellous images of the interior of the cathedral. The really high spot had to be a climb up the inside of the cathedral tower as far as the spire. We saw ladders reaching to the heights above us and found out that one poor soul has to climb up there periodically, go outside on to the spire and up to the top (404ft) to replace the warning light! (any takers for the job? - we hear there's a vacancy!). So it's thanks very much to Peter and Jean for whetting our appetites to visit to this fine, ancient city.

In the second half Tony Bates gave useful hints and tips, illustrated with stunning images, of long exposure photography in daylight. This is how you can achieve cloud and water movement during the brightest part of the day (well, if you're lucky in Britain!). We now know you'll need a x10 ND filter which effectively means you can't see a blessed thing through the viewfinder, so manual exposure control is a must as is a sturdy tripod (not the other 'alf's shoulder!). Tony illustrated the instructions with his own superb images and also included those of some of the professionals who use this technique. Thanks, Tony - guess what we'll all be doing on this summer's "works outing"!

Read Tony's tutorial on Long exposure daylight photography.


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