Natural History Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

There we were on 22nd - all agog for this year's Natural History Competition - who would be the winner of the Nigel Glover-Wright Trophy? The judge Barbara Lydiatt would give us the answer to that (with a little help from our competition secs and technicians!)

What a great selection of images - every form of natural history captured by our intrepid photographers and displayed in print and on the screen. There was animal life from home and abroad caught in their most impressive moments - stags bellowing and fighting to snarling big cats and from our familiar red kites to exotic tropical finches - they were all there along with various forms of plant life. This was a real feast for the eyes! And Barbara did a great job giving good constructive comments and a wide range of marks (admission - just made a typo - wrote 'wide rage of marks' - know how it sometimes feels!!)

So of course there were several 20s scored. In the prints they were: "Captive Me and My Dad" by Edward Curtis; "Bellowing Stag" plus ~Morning Beech Woodlands" by Ceri Jones (yes - two!!) and "Hungry Crocodiles by Ray Lewis. In the projected image section: there were seven!! They were: "No Chance" and "Fighting Jackals" both - yes both - by Nigel Glover-Wright; "Three Frogs" by John Sexton; "Blue Tit Fledgling" by Stephen Shadbolt; "Pink Toe Tarantula" by Nigel Farmer; "Peacock Tree Frog" by Ceri Jones and "Banded Demoiselle" by Nigel Fenner. Wow! Shows the quality of work on show doesn't it!

Of there had to be winners. In the print section it was Ceri with "Morning Beech Woodlands" and in the projected images it was Nigel with "No Chance".

But there is only one outright winner for this competition and eventually Barbara picked "No Chance" - so the recipient of the Nigel Glover-Wright Trophy is ........ no other than ....... Nigel Glover-Wright!! Congratulations!

Thank you to all members who submitted their superb images and gave us such a good evening - and thank you too to Barbara for being a great judge!


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