Themes And Dreams

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So last Wednesday Philip George came all the way from Chandlers Ford to spend an evening with us! He gave us a two-part presentation - the whole being called 'Themes and Dreams'.

The first half of the evening was spent in looking at the way in which Philip brings images with a common theme together to form panels. Some interesting ideas here - and good to hear of the thoughts which go behind the creation of these panels. Not only is there a common theme but the images are hung in such a way as to complement one another and form a cohesive whole. We also got the distinct impression that Philip loves skies - which featured quite heavily!

The second half was concerned with working with models - mostly in the open air and several in historical surroundings such as Netley Abbey (wonder what the monks would have made of it???). Philip described how and where he gets his models to pose - windows and doorways being an apparent favourite!

Oh - and thank you Philip for describing our lovely club as 'friendly' - we do try!!


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