Image Critique And Discussion Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Last Wednesday was a fascinating evening wasn't it!

This was the interactive session when we all had the chance to be photographic judges. Several brave souls submitted images - several being carefully chosen by their authors as not being completely perfect - so that we could discuss amongst ourselves how to improve them! So we looked at composition, straightness of horizons and/or verticals and then made suggestions such as 'Why not get rid of that intrusive branch (or plant or even tree)?' (does anyone other than me feel a little guilty when cloning out people??). We went on to discuss lighting, colour, tones etc. And in this session the photographer, of course, was able to join in the discussion - novel idea eh - author's right of reply!!

A really useful evening for making us all look carefully at our images don't you think? Many thanks to all those willing to put their heads (and photos) on the block!


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