Sri Lanka

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Well - we all had a great evening last Wednesday didn't we! It was one of our travelogues - this time Sri Lanka, courtesy of our very own Rachel Paton.

She gave us some of the history and geography of the island before we got going - so we were all reasonably familiar with where we were about to visit! Good to know something of the recent political history too as Sri Lanka's had its troubles!!

So we were taken from the comforts of a superb hotel in Columbo (loved the look of the teas!) to see the island's wonderful countryside and some of its wildlife. And I now know that Sri Lankan elephants are different! Never knew about their mottled pink trunks! Great photographs Rachel - of these and the other wildlife you came across - and under the constraints of being the only photographer in the party too! Then there were the temples and the giant Buddhas - really impressive to see - the images giving a good sense of their size.

A superb evening Rachel - we all enjoyed it and wait for your next set of travel images!


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