Print Competition No 2 Transport

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Well that was a really good competition wasn't it! You know - the one we had last week - prints with the set subject 'Transport'. I for one found it extremely moving!!!!! So did our judge for the evening - Terry Coffey who'd made the journey all the way from Gerrard's Cross (or a bit annoyed anyway!).

And what a good entry - 50 prints for our delectation and delight - and they certainly did that! We started with a great set of monochrome images which took us from boats on the Kennet and Avon to steam trains (and diesels!) via cycles, trams and horses. Then we went on to the colour section - always plenty of colour in transport! Again a huge range of means of getting about on show from steam locos to aircraft- and not forgetting a guest appearance by Lewis Hamilton (going slower than normal!!)

Terry fairly rattled through the images - good concise comments on each too - and even with the large entry - still time for a pint afterwards! :)

And now to the high scorers and top placements (about time I hear you say!)

So - taking the monochrome section first ....... The 20s went to Ceri Jones for 'Steam Train Engine Cabin', Dorothy Wood for 'Another Good Run' and Tony Bates for 'Kennet & Avon Longboats'. This put Nigel Fenner and Ceri Jones in joint third place with a total score of 36, Dorothy Wood in second place with 38 and in top spot Tony Bates with 39.

In the colour section ...... 20s were gained by John Sexton for 'Looking Out' and to Nigel Fenner for 'From The Cab of Jane Eyre' (happened to be a traction engine - not the fictional lady!) and for 'Vintage Alvis' Yes - he got two 20s - well done Nigel! So the top places in this section were - in joint third Sarah Packham and Ian Nash both scoring 37, second came John Sexton with 38 and in first place was Nigel Fenner with his perfect 40!

Well - congrats to all those who entered - a really high standard (of course!) and to the winners and high scorers - brilliant! Congrats too to Terry for such good judging (and speed!) - look forward to seeing you again!


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