Image Analysis

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So we finished January with an evening with one of our very own members - David Dare who we all know is a real whizz with macro work. Come to think of it he's caused several nightmares with his up close and personal pics of creepy crawlies!! We know his eye for detail too - just remember his amazing AV sequences!

This time we found out about how he uses his photographic and computer skills in his job out in the wilds of Jeallot's Hill 'cos he works for Syngenta who research things like crop growth and health worldwide. Well, Dave took us through examples of how he uses imaging in this field (field - geddit?). Don't expect any recounting of what he said here though - far too complicated at this time of night! (what this really means is it's still a mystery to me!). This has to be the only time I can remember viewing images on the screen through 3D glasses though! Well done David - a first! I will say we saw some amazing images and got some insight into crop health and development. Had some really good detailed questions and answers afterwards too.

Many thanks for the evening Dave - really interesting to hear what you do in the real world and how imaging plays such an important part in agriculture (but they never mention you in The Archers - obviously an oversight!).


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