Movement in Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now you must say that that was certainly different! Last Wednesday's meeting I mean - when we had a return visit from Derek Gale LRPS with his presentation: 'Movement in Photography'. Now when I say return visit - he pointed out that the last time he spoke to us was xxxxx years ago - when the chairman was but a young lad!

The title really meant what it said on the tin too - 'cos we covered a whole variety of ways in which movement can be transferred to the finished image. Derek started with movement of the camera - moving it up and down or from side to side during exposure giving vertical or lateral patterns. He went on to cover a whole plethora of methods - eg walking towards the subject during exposure - freezing speeding vehicles / people / animals etc with high shutter speeds or showing movement through slower speeds. Then of course there's the sort of movement enhanced by Photoshop filters - and he showed those too! All the methods he suggested were well illustrated with his own excellent images.

An interesting evening - many thanks Derek! And what now? It's switch off the image stabilisation (scary!) - and ditch the tripods? ...... or perhaps not!! But plenty of ideas for experimentation! Just watch out!


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