An Evening With Tony Bates and John Sexton

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Now that was a really superb evening wasn't it ... last Wednesday that is .... when we all made our way to the village hall for an evening with two of our most successful competition photographers - Tony Bates and John Sexton!

And what a variety of superb images we had during the evening! Tony took us through his photographic year with photographs from various places round the UK - with examples of his excellent low light and long exposure techniques - whilst John took us to Peru where we learnt about the Moche - who were there before the Incas! Tony treated us to some fabulous coastal images - featuring several piers of course - as well as taking us up to the Lakes and starting and finishing with lovely images of the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens and Blenheim Palace. Much further west (or is it east - suppose it depends which way you go!) John showed us some great images of the ancient civilisations of Peru - incredible scenery and buildings (bet the O2 Arena doesn't last that long!) and the stories to go with them - eg: who'd want to be in the Moche army? Mock battles - with the losers being 'orribly sacrificed on top of a pyramid (nice views though!).

A really great evening guys - we all thoroughly enjoyed it! (good to see John not about to be eaten by something he's photographing!).


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